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19 July 2018

Generation Alpha are currently just toddlers and the most technologically connected toddlers to date. Companies are creating digital care givers for the busy parents that may not be able to afford a human nanny or are just open to trying something different.

1. Kuri
Kuri robot moves around the house completing tasks such as waking up the kids, telling bedtime stories and singing the kids favourite song. Parents are also able to view what their kids are doing through Kuri’s built in camera.

Above: See what kids think of Kuri 

2. Cocotto
Created by Panasonic , the Cocotto robot was created to help children build their senses by encouraging them to talk, move and connect with others. This social robotic childminder uses interactive play to engage children in various activities that ensure healthy growth. It has a built-in camera which captures video or photographs in order to keep parents informed about the progress their child is making in their development.

Above: See how Cocotto the robot works.

3. Care Bear
Tokyo based startup Global Bridge Holdings is a childcare and nursing company using robots to tackle Japan’s shortage of childcare staff. In collaboration with Gunma University Academics, they have developed a system that uses robots and sensors to monitor children. This has led to the creation of Vevo, a bear shaped humanoid robot that is able to monitor a child’s heart rate and movement while they are in their cots. The robot also has trigger alarm to alert parents to any abnormalities.

By Khumo Theko

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Image credit: Eric Anctil AND Kuri AND Panasonic Newsroom AND Telegraph
Video credit: Form & Fiction AND Channel Panasonic – Official

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