The 30/30/30 Project Media Event 

Insights from Generation Z 30 years on from Democracy Join us for our media event, launching the latest report from a project created by Flux Trends and Student Village to introduce South Africa – and the world – to its future.  This project is a collection of ethnographic video diaries accompanied by a report, hosted […]

Scenarios for South Africa 

5 minutes to 5 years  In this salon Bronwyn Williams and Tumelo Mojapelo lead a mini workshop and salon unpacking and enriching scenarios for what is next for South Africa. We will take you on a journey from what is, to what if, and invite you to be active citizens rather than passive passengers in […]

Leading Through Endings and Beginnings – A Flux Trends Salon

Change: abrupt and gradual endings, and new beginnings, are a guaranteed even if not comfortable part of life, and of businesses. Change happens by chance, by choice or by crisis. At this Flux Trends Salon, you are invited to join Dion Chang, death doula, and Nikki Bush, disruption queen, in conversation about living and leading […]

Practical Foresight Skills for Everyone Workshop

Our in-person Practical Foresight Skills for Everyone Workshop is a comprehensive workshop that allows us to transfer the knowledge that we have gained and applied to our work for over 20 years of business to you – to use in your life and career. This workshop aims to empower the participants to take control of […]

The Futurists 2024

Johannesburg I Cape Town I Durban The Premier Trends Events in Southern Africa. Brought to you by Heavy Chef and Flux Trends.  It’s time for annual ‘The Futurists’ event – the most informed and exciting way to kick off the year for all entrepreneurs. This time around we’re asking ‘What does the Future look like for South Africa? […]

Death & Rebirth: The Rise of the Phoenix

Our Death & Rebirth Salon is sold out! Click here to register your interest. We know that the pandemic was a watershed event, then 2023 happened, and the turmoil continued. As 2023 draws to an end, we have continued to see the world unravel and find ourselves scraping through the last stretch of 2023. Life […]

Our Future of Us Salon is coming to Cape Town!

The post-Covid, post “knowledge economy” era requires a new social contract for a new world order that reflects the fundamental shifts changing minds, bodies and what it means to be human – collectively and individually.  Our second salon of the year will take a closer look at how and why the current democratic social contract […]

SWI 2022 Salon

THE RE-ENTRY TANGO: NAVIGATING AN ALTERED LANDSCAPE Humanity is being shown – in no uncertain terms – that there is no going back to 2019’s status quo, and those who think we are, will find themselves trapped in a cul-de-sac. The quest, and opportunity, is not simply to adapt but to rethink and reengineer a […]

The Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape Salon

The past two years have proven to be a challenge for the retail industry – aspects of the retail sector have been turned upside down by lockdown restrictions, supply chain disruptions, shortage of materials, crime, technology and shifting customer mindset and values.  Retail businesses currently find themselves in a perfect storm that allows them to […]

The Lockdown Life Audit Salon

When it comes to ideas around behavioural change, surgeon Maxwell Maltz applied the principles acquired in his line of work to change his habits. He realised that 21 days was sufficient time to create an awareness to shift behavioural patterns. The lockdown period has spanned 24 months and has had a similar effect. Some habits have evolved […]