Death & Rebirth: The Rise of the Phoenix

Looking at Trends as Business Strategy

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We know that the pandemic was a watershed event, then 2023 happened, and the turmoil continued. As 2023 draws to an end, we have continued to see the world unravel and find ourselves scraping through the last stretch of 2023.

Life and business cannot go on like this – something has to give!

Our upcoming salon will address this through the Business Doula trend briefing, presented by Dion Chang and a worldbuilding workshop facilitated by Bronwyn Williams and Tumelo Mojapelo.

The trend briefing explores death, be it of a dream, a career or a business. Some say it and taxes are the only certainties one has in life. But even before that final goodbye, we will all face “the end of life as you know it”, in one form or another.

Touching on these themes and many more:

  • The death of old ideas and the birth of new ideas
  • Rewirement
  • The bubble wrap effect
  • Recharging, not enduring.
  • The great internal reset

And many more.

  • Tap into future creation with all their senses and diverse perspectives. 
  • Partake in “living” in the co-created world and bring it to life. 
  • Conceptualise and design fiction products and services. 


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The trend briefing will give you:

  • A roadmap for coping with change
  • Loss strategies for surviving permacrisis
  • Best practice for building an empathetic team

The workshop will:

  • Give participants new product and service ideas that can be executed immediately
  • Give participants a clear picture to shape your strategy
  • Empower participants and their teams to own the future


Do you want the necessary tools and resources to build something out of the ashes of the end of a chapter?

Then this salon is for you!

Who Should Attend

Companies, entrepreneurs or individuals who want to create something new and meaningful from the challenges and failures that they experience.

Our Death & Rebirth Salon is sold out!

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Dion Chang

Presenter: FOUNDER & CEO

Bronwyn Williams


Tumelo Mojapelo


Event Plan

This salon will be a 3-hour long, interactive and insightful session.


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