Scenarios for South Africa 

Looking at Trends as Business Strategy

5 minutes to 5 years 

In this salon Bronwyn Williams and Tumelo Mojapelo lead a mini workshop and salon unpacking and enriching scenarios for what is next for South Africa. We will take you on a journey from what is, to what if, and invite you to be active citizens rather than passive passengers in our shared future.

Join us, understand the reality we find ourselves in in the near and present future, and use your voice, and your agency to build the nation you want to live in.

In this opening address, we explore 4 possible and probable scenarios for what is likely to lie ahead over the next 5 minutes to 5 years for South African citizens and businesses, based on past trends and present reality.

The scenarios will cover “sliding doors” between possible economic, political and social realities for South Africa, using the Flux Trends T.R.E.N.D.S methodology.

In the following section, participants will be invited to leave the probable scenarios behind and start afresh from the future they want to backcast the steps each and every one of us can take to get to the future we want for ourselves and our society.

We will help you to plot how to attain a desirable future rather than focusing on the kinds of future states that could occur – striving to answer how one can reach specified outcomes in the future.

Who Should Attend

Everyone who is invested in South Africa and its shared future – as a citizen, a tourist, a part time digital nomad, an entrepreneur, an educator, a leader, a business owner, a parent, or an actual investor.


Bronwyn Williams


Tumelo Mojapelo


Event Plan

14:30 arrival. The session will be 2 hours long.

Event Details

Presented by: Bronwyn Williams, Tumelo Mojapelo


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