The Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape Salon

Looking at Trends as Business Strategy

The past two years have proven to be a challenge for the retail industry – aspects of the retail sector have been turned upside down by lockdown restrictions, supply chain disruptions, shortage of materials, crime, technology and shifting customer mindset and values. 

Retail businesses currently find themselves in a perfect storm that allows them to re-imagine and recalibrate how they will move forward during these uncertain times, keeping in mind that the world they once operated in has drastically changed. 

Our second Flux Trends Salon for this year will unpack the trend briefing – The Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape – and allow guests to discuss and imagine how the trends discussed can be harnessed and applied to their unique context.

  • The challenges, opportunities and new developments within the retail industry
  • Connecting retailers and other businesses to what they need to do or change to cater to their existing and potential customers
  • Exploring the value of experience over ownership within the retail industry
  • Closely examining the knock-on effect of shifting customer mindsets and values and the impact of this shift on day-to-day business
  • The pros and cons of virtual commerce
  • Exploring ways that companies and entrepreneurs can be a force for the greater good

Who Should Attend

  • Retailers, property managers, letting agents, mall managers, marketers, advertisers, restaurateurs, construction companies – in fact, the entire retail-wholesale supply chain.
  • Companies that are forced to find new ways to navigate a decimated post-pandemic retail business landscape and understand that this pandemic will forever change the road ahead.
  • Businesses that realise that present complex undercurrents can derail any strategy

This Salon will highlight the trends driving the post-pandemic retail landscape and what businesses could and should do to ensure a sustainable future.


Dion Chang


Tumelo Mojapelo.


Event Plan

This event will be a 2 hour long morning brain food session.

Cape Town Event Details

Presented by: Dion Chang

Johannesburg Event Details

Presented by: Dion Chang


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