F53 Defensive "Driving" Workshop

Flux Trends has created a Business “Driving” (leadership) Methodology for business leaders to incorporate in their daily decision-making process. These basic foresight principles act as a five-point check system that ensures that at any time, you have considered all the factors that will impact how your business addresses challenges, growth and opportunities. 

Throughout the workshop, we will transfer and equip you and your team with the basics of foresight, signal and horizon scanning so you can integrate them into your business practices.

This workshop is a 5-part program for business leaders who want to be ahead of the curve, and it aims to equip them with the defensive business “driving” (leadership) tools to chart the way through uncertainty. 

This workshop will help you to:

  1. Search for trends that will impact your industry (Signals)
  2. Identify trends that are relevant to your industry using our T.R.E.N.D.S methodology (Trends)
  3. Predict how trends can create various future worlds using trend games to engage and experiment with problems and solutions to make decisions about the future of your business (Forecast vs Scenarios)
  4. Decide on a strategy using backcasting to create a roadmap of how this world will be created (Roadmap) 
  5. Stress test your strategy for Safety (backcast) to ensure that it is future safe by addressing:
    • “Poor visibility” (blindspots / uncertainty / poly crisis)
    • “Being tailgated” (new competition)
    • “Wet roads” (macroeconomic conditions, eg, dampened economy and climate change)
    • “Heavily loaded areas” (regulation / red tape)

How learning objectives are measured: 

  • Participation and interaction. 
  • All activities were completed within the duration of the workshop.
  • Evidence of work from the workshop.
  • A Flux Trends certificate of completion will be awarded to all participants.

Duration of this workshop?

The duration of each part of this workshop will be 1.5 to 2 hours long and will run over a two-day period.

Who is your facilitator?

Tumelo Mojapelo is the Head of Content and Foresight Facilitator and Trainer at Flux Trends. She has facilitated workshops and salons for Flux Trends’ corporate clientele. 

There has never been a better time to check your blindspots and ensure that your journey into the future is safe and secure. 

Steer the direction of your organisation with this workshop.

Buckle up for a safe ride ahead!