Flux Trends Immersion Tour

The Flux Trends Immersion Tour is a curated and unique offering for corporate clients looking for a different and sensory way of experiencing our trends.

It was born out of necessity as clients needed to connect with businesses that spearhead and represent emerging business markets and trends. It brings our corporate clients closer to their current and prospective clientele’s business context. It is a journey of exploration which submerges our clients into the real-life context of their clients so they can solve their real-world problems and innovate using insights gained on the tour and workshops.

Our immersion tour is composed of various parts to allow our clients to create their own bespoke experience. These parts will work together to answer the following questions:

“Who are my consumers, and what are their pain points?”

Below is a breakdown of the immersion tour: 

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Part 1: Report

The report helps you spot unexpected business opportunities in trends and disruption across sectors, while identifying organisational blindspots that are inhibiting growth. Insights from our report will allow you to instil a culture of innovation and renewal in your organisational operating system. It creates focus for the workshops and the tour.

Part 2: Workshop

Unpack the threats and opportunities present in curated trends relevant to your industry, dive-deep into your internal pain points and leave with a list of targeted strategic action points and priorities to strengthen your organisation’s future sustainability.

Part 3: Tour

Meet your customers (and those you’re missing) face to face, and see, taste and touch the future on a full-day, fully catered immersion experience that will stretch your mind and open you up to blind spots and opportunities on the emerging edge.

Part 4: Debrief session

Consolidate the immersion experience and uncover the feelings, fears, ideas and opportunities that are waiting for you to explore – leave with a cathartic sense of purpose and validated strategic direction for your team and organisation

The TEAM at Flux curates the tour stops and experiences according to the client’s brief. The hosts for the tour are DION CHANG, the founder of Flux and BRONWYN WILLIAMS, Futurist and business partner at Flux Trends.

TUMELO MOJAPELO, Foresight facilitator at Flux Trends, facilitates the workshops. The workshops are jam-packed with trend briefings presented by expert futurists, fun and engaging activities and foresight ideation games that will give your team a solid foundation of trend insights and ideas to look out for during the tour. 

The tour works best when preceded by a tailored report and workshops to frame the outcomes that the client would like to get from the tour.  

This immersion tour will allow you to apply your trend learning and business skills to real-life businesses. It will help you understand and cater to the challenges your clients face. It will also assist you in understanding the opportunities, sometimes hidden in the blindspots within the communities in which your clients reside.

It is not only insightful but an eye-opening and fruitful experience. In these highly unpredictable times, our immersion tour experience will set you and your team apart from your competitors.

If your team wants to understand the world and the trends driving change and be a catalyst for change, growth and development, our immersion tour is for you!

Please note that other tour formats can be discussed with Bethea.

Join us as we explore trends as business strategy!

Past bespoke tours: