Futurist in Residence

Change the World

We partner with you to analyse how future trends will impact your business and how you can stay ahead of your competition to build a future-proof sustainable business.  Gain access to fifteen years plus of local and global trend research, forecasting and insights distilled specifically for your organisation.

Our mission is to empower  business leaders to make the right decisions for their organisations’ growth through an understanding of trends and tactical solutions. 

Now is the time. Everything is changing, seize the day, make the change. 

We will give you the confidence you need to navigate your way to a successful, sustainable business that balances People Planet and Profit.

“Dion and I are also available to guide your organisation through the current chaos with purpose and foresight though our one on one virtual closed door business foresight sessions if you need a guide to help you unpack the best and worst case scenarios ahead and separate out how to prepare for and react to what you cannot control; and to identify what you can do now to alter your own future course. We can use the current situation to build or to break society as we know it. What will we take with us? What should we leave behind? The choice is ours.”
Bronwyn Williams