Leadership Workshops

Our Leadership Workshops help leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of the modern world. This suite of workshops gives you the time and space to interrogate, disrupt, innovate, transform and develop the skills required to face uncertainty and disruption.

Our workshops aim to sharpen the skills that every 21st-century leader needs: innovation, foresight and the ability to prepare and move the workforce, clients and stakeholders towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

We listed what each Leadership Workshop offers below:

A 2-day Flux Trends intergenerational intervention journey presented by Dion Chang and Bronwyn Williams

Do you want to:

●  Build more resilient teams?

●  Align your team towards a shared and inclusive vision?

●  Be future-ready and change-aligned?

●  Develop future-ready critical skills and mindsets?

●  Instil a culture of open communication, collaboration and innovation?

●  Build bridges between the (many) generations sharing the present in your organisation

and society at large?

●  Understand how to work with Generation Z?

Then our new Bridgebuilders intergenerational intervention workshop is for you:

This is a two-day workshop presented by Dion Chang. 

Day one of this workshop will establish external forces that will challenge a company and focus on multiple waves of disruption, the need for fluid business models and new skills/mindsets for an age of disruption. 

Day two of this workshop will focus internally and look at different ways the concept of “innovation” can be applied to meet the disruptive challenges: ie – recruitment as innovation as well as how to structure an innovation process within an organisation, to ensure various innovation projects do not fail (which in most cases they do).

Each part of this 2-day workshop is also available as a half-day intensive session. Contact Cloud at for more info or to book this workshop.

This is a two-day module presented by Bronwyn Williams.

Its key focus areas are changing systems, incentives and mindsets to embrace, drive and direct change. 

Day one of this workshop unpacks and focuses on understanding the world as it is and identifying potential problems and opportunities emerging from the trends already in play around and among us. 

Day two looks at the world as it could be – and what each delegate could and should be doing to design and create a more sustainable, prosperous future for themselves, their organisations and their communities.

Each part of this 2-day workshop is also available as a half-day intensive session. Contact Cloud at for more info or to book this workshop.

By Dion Chang and Bronwyn Williams

(The skills and mindset to thrive and rewire for the future of work)

Full day workshop 

The Future of Working Together is a full-day workshop that helps delegates to have an executive understanding of/be able to:

  • Understand the mega trends and drivers of the future of work, as well as the ripple effect of various waves of disruption (including the pandemic), 
  • Understand the interconnectivity of disruption with the future of jobs, work and careers.
  • Identify blind spots in personal career plans, so that opportunities can be leveraged.
  • Question individual and organisational skills-sets and mindsets required to build more agile, inclusive and responsive organisational teams.
  • Align intergenerational organisational objectives towards a shared, inclusive future for all internal stakeholders.
  • Create an enabling environment within a company to encourage innovation, ideas and individual agency for team members to flourish.

Contact Cloud at for more info or to book this workshop.

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