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Flux Trends reports aim to arm you with insights that allow you to instil a culture of innovation and renewal in an organisational operating system. We do this by spotting unexpected business opportunities in the trends and disruption across sectors, while identifying organisational blindspots that are inhibiting growth. Our approach is to focus on how macro socio-economic trends and emerging technologies can solve challenges and impact businesses, industries, and nations in the near and long-term future.

We also offer tailored reports that work best as a precursor to our “STRATEGIC GAMES” FORESIGHT WORKSHOP, which allows you to tap into the research covered in your tailored report in order to produce an outcome that will set the foundation for your future strategy.

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Report Previews

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The 30/30/30 Project Personal Report
The 30/30/30 Project Professional Report
The 30/30/30 Project Public Report
The 30/30/30 Project Report
The State We’re In Q1 2024 Report
The State We Think We’re In 2024
The State We’re In Q3 2023
The State We’re In Q2 2023
The State We’re In Q1 2023 Report
The Future Readiness Survey Report
Top 2023 Trends Report
The Lockdown Life Audit – A Flux Trend Report