Build the World

“Seeing is believing, but feeling is truth.” 

– Thomas Fuller

Even though these words were coined by a clergyman, within a religious context, they bare some truth in the world we live in today especially when we talk about what future worlds could look and feel like. People usually need to get a glimpse of what the future could look like or feel like before they invest in creating or participating in it. 

We have created a Worldweaving™ workshop that harnesses various cutting-edge academic models and technological tools to help participants (regardless of gender, race, religion and socio-economic class) design, build and play with what the future could and should be.

This workshop helps participants to tap into future creation with all their senses and diverse perspectives to create a space where they can make diverse and inclusive future worlds and products that are real and tangible.

This workshop uses the Flux Trends T.R.E.N.D.S Framework to design and create multidimensional possible and preferable worlds.This workshop will allow participants to not only create various future scenarios and products but also assist them with handling (creatively, intellectually and practically) the uncertainty such worlds could have (also known as masked opportunities).  

This workshop does not focus on the near long-term future (10 years plus) but the more distant future (30 years plus).

Why Worldweaving™?

It is a democratic way of opening up the creation of the future to people who might not be in a position to have an opportunity to do so. This workshop will help participants to create imaginary products and promotions, facilitated by proven futures games and scenarios,  to “live” in the co-created world and bring it to life. 

The aim of the workshop is to inspire creativity and cultivate agency and hope for a more sustainable, more equitable and inclusive future for all.

This workshop is a 3 part workshop and is available as a full day (3 part workshop) or a half day (2 part workshop). 

Below are the descriptions of the different parts of the workshop:

Part 1: Worldweaving™ (available for the half and full day workshop option)

The first part of our workshop will use a scenario prompt provided by Flux Trends in conjunction with our Trend Web & Trend Roulette game techniques to imagine a rich possible world and bring it to life through multimedia and AI creative tools. Participants will get a chance to share their worlds at the end of this session. 

Part 2: The Thing from the Future (available for the half and full day workshop option)

The second part of our workshop will be used to play the Thing from the Future game to conceptualise products and services that will solve problems in this world. It will be divided into two activities that allow participants:

  1. to conceptualise design fiction products and services and,
  2. present an “ad campaign” to sell the generated products/ services to the rest of the participants followed by a debrief on skills & mindsets required to adapt to the explored futures ending with a personal “pivot pledge” (commitment for action) to embed takeaways from the day. 

Part 3: Backcast the Dream (available for the full day workshop option)

The third part will allow participants to use backcasting to create the dream/dystopian worlds and product/service solutions that apply to the clients current business context and ideate potential Solutionist Lab projects to focus on next. 

This workshop will help you discover:

Who is this workshop for?

All creatives, content writers and designers of all seniority and from all jurisdictions and agency sizes. 

The communications, images and narratives the advertising industry incorporates in its work affect the perceptions society at large has about themselves and the future – this is a monumental responsibility. 

The question is if you, as communicators, are responsible custodians of the narratives that set the expectations and change the course of future history. 

Are you able to apply yourselves to building future worlds that will benefit every part of society and business?

This workshop is designed to challenge your ideas about “the future” and give participants both agency and inspiration to do their part to direct it through the images and words they perpetuate around it.

This Worldweaving™ workshop will create a solid foundation (visual and sensory) to build a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive future – and it starts with you!

This Worldweaving™ workshop is facilitated by Bronwyn Williams, Tumelo Mojapelo and Loren Phillips who are excited about creating alternative possible and preferable future worlds with you – ones that enhance and sustain the human experience on this planet.

Are you ready for the future especially when it challenges your deeply held beliefs and bias?

Join us as we imagine and build the future with you!