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22 February 2022

Surviving The Great Staggering (Back to the Office)

This presentation will help you understand the medium- and long-term effects of what a gradual easing of business will be like as the world gets back to work with a new set of creative, financial and physical constraints. 

It also provides many guidelines that are now being seen as best practice, for example, how offices should be reconfigured for the Great Staggering, as well as how businesses in different sectors are pivoting during this interim “limbo” survival period toward a cautiously optimistic future. 

While we are still in an interim period, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that the learnt behaviours – of consumers, as well as a workforce – during this period could also become permanent behavioural changes, which business owners will need to consider and adapt to. 

As such, this presentation will help illuminate the way forward through risk, uncertainty, and chaos to help your decision makers understand the world as it is right now, in order to change it for the better going forward. 

The first part of the presentation explains what has changed in the world of work and gives an overview of the new hybrid business models emerging in response. 

The second part of the presentation looks at how teams and leaders can respond proactively to this season of change, using case studies and stories from all across space and time to illustrate the insights covered in a practical way. 

In particular, this trend briefing looks at what we need to hang on to, what we need to let go of, and what we need to rebuild as the world emerges into the “new post-normal”, including: 

  • Finding a new balance between efficiency and resilience for hybrid online-offline organisations – how to design more flexible office spaces and business models.
  • The impact of remote work on mental health and wellness and team morale of remote workers and distributed teams. 
  • The productivity paradox – why working from home is leading to employee burnout and how reclaiming “liminal” spaces can help companies develop better work-life balance without sacrificing results. 
  • How to address the trade offs between staff surveillance and trust-based team cultures and how to invest in the value of human connections in a data-optimised world. 
  • Renegotiating the social and employment contracts to find a new fair balance between physical and fiscal freedom and security
  • How the shift from fixed incomes to fluid outcomes is forcing us to reconsider the power balance inside and outside our workspaces. 
  • How culture eats strategy for breakfast; and, even more importantly, how incentives eat even best-laid intentions as a midnight snack – as such, it is critical to align incentives (and timelines) with outcomes. 
  • The “Moneyball” manager’s curse – and how to find a midway to pragmatic optimism between regressive progress and pessimistic conservative sustainability. 
  • Why 4D diversity matters when it comes to solving problems and arriving at smart solutions. 
  • How to reclaim the serendipity of “the water cooler” – and the essential importance of randomness and network connections in innovation and ideation in the “AC” (after corona) world.

Presented by Bronwyn Williams

– Trends as Business Strategy – 

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Cloud Clayton on or Bethea Clayton on +27764539405

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