Foreplay Workshop (TM)

Strategic games for foresight

Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered how to lead your company in these uncertain times?

Maybe you are hoping to discover trends that could open up opportunities to get ahead of the competition?

You might not even be sure what your company needs, but you’re sure that it has reached a place where it needs to rethink, reassess and recalibrate or it will become redundant.

Our Foreplay Workshop (TM) is the engagement you need. This workshop is jam-packed with insights from our trend experts, as well as useful and fun games to get your team moving in the right direction. Guided by a FACILITATOR, the games will allow you to tap into research that fits your brief to produce an outcome that will set the foundation for your future strategy.

The book on strategy for the future has not been written, so here’s your opportunity to create it.

Here’s a WAR GAME in action where the trend is Sustainable Finance. This is a link to a recording as a sample of one of the games that can be played with your client or team.

Motivate and inspire your teams and/or clients through innovation, creativity and productivity. Set the foundation for your future strategy.

Aren’t you curious to find out what your company’s blind spots are? And have fun doing so?

This workshop yields the best results when it is preceded by the TAILORED TREND REPORT and followed by our immersion tour in order to address and highlight specific industry trends and to explore them in their real world setting. This workshop is available in virtual format too.

Let’s rethink, reassess and recalibrate our companies one workshop at a time!

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