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Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst

Bronwyn Williams is a polymath who will challenge your assumptions about the present and the future. She is a Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst.

She has over a decade’s worth of experience in strategic management, trend research and strategic foresight. She has consulted for clients in public and private sectors across the world. 

Part economist, part strategist, Bronwyn’s particular areas of expertise include fintech trends, alternative economic models, and sustainable futures design.

She co-authored The Future Starts Now published by Bloomsbury UK and Rescuing our Republic, a thought-provoking book with interviews from a diverse group of public intellectuals, business leaders and political mavericks discussing tangible ways South Africa can rescue itself from itself. She’s a columnist for leading business and technology publications and is a  sought-after media commentator on future trends and economic trajectories for network channels, including CNBC Africa and eNCA in South Africa.

Bronwyn has delivered hundreds of keynotes to audiences across dozens of countries. Her top speaking topics centre around “futurenomics,” that is, the future trajectory and potential of the social and political economic forces that shape our world and how we connect and trade with each other.

Secondary speaking topics include consumer trends, generational cycles, macro and microeconomic forecasts, PPE (politics, philosophy and economics), change management, foresight strategy and techniques, and risk management.

Bronwyn’s educational credentials include tertiary qualifications in Marketing Management (University of Johannesburg), Economics (University of London), Foresight (University of Manchester), and Future Studies (University of Stellenbosch) and Masters in Applied Economics from the University of Bath.

She is a partner at Flux Trends and an associate at Futurist.com. Bronwyn’s research focuses on how macroeconomic trends and emerging technologies will impact businesses, industries, and nations in the short and long term.

The clients that she has worked with include Top 40 JSE-listed companies, the South African Reserve Bank, the Dubai Future Forum, various African government departments, and global business leaders. She also guest lectures at leading business schools, such as Duke, GIBS, Parsons New School of Design, UCT and the University of Johannesburg. She is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists, a volunteer with the Millennium Project and an advisor at the Lifeboat Foundation and a Futures Fellow with the UNDP.

Client Testimonials

“It’s a culture shock for the generations before. It is so untapped, it is so unpredictable. I like the way that it was an extended TED talk. It was really punchy. You got a whole lot of content in just a little while. So the presentation itself was excellent.” ~ ATTACQ

“Chaos-whisperer.” ~ HEAVY CHEF

“It was an absolute delight to hear your insights, case studies, and advice yesterday. You are a master of metaphors! The participants reported a diverse range of valuable insights that they have already leveraged into actions. Thank you so very much.” ~ BAMBOO DIFFERENCE

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Below is a list of presentations that Bronwyn has given:

And many, many more…

To book Bronwyn for a trend briefing, facilitation or consultation, contact Bethea Clayton on connected@fluxtrends.co.za or call her on +27764539405

A member of the Association of Professional Futurists and a Futures Fellow with the UNDP.