Who are we
Social Media Manager

As someone who has never quite fitted into society’s boxes, Chili has found that his interest for people and the way they shape their realities has only grown. Whilst obtaining his Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Organisation Psychology and Journalism from Rhodes University, he found that he enjoyed the creative freedom afforded to him by his specialisation in journalism – communication design. He enjoys work that allows him to let his creative side flow, but can also follow a formula and work in a team. He also believes that being left to it can build independence and a sense of self-accountability. He is a logical thinker with strong communication skills. Chili is a fast learner and is never afraid to ask or answer questions. He is a firm believer in the notion that we all play an active role in our realities, and in the context of work it is important that we find the joy in it, and if we can’t find the joy – then make it.