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19 July 2018

Would you trust a tech device with rearing your child?

Parents have turned to digital platforms to aid in child development and assist in keeping their little ones occupied. In conjunction with apps that occupy toddlers there is an emergence of apps directed to assisting parents in raising their toddlers in the first critical years of their lives.

1. LENA 
Language Environment Analysis (LENA) is a pilot program which has paired families with technology that counts the words that babies hear and monitors the conversational experiences. The data collected by the LENA digital device is used to train parents and motivate parents in having conversations with their toddlers to help with the baby’s language development.

2. Muse 
The Muse app is free and has been created to assist parents in raising creative, motivated and emotionally intelligent kids. The app provides parents with activities tailored to their child and are geared to developing close to 50 set of skills. Founders Norma and Vivienne Ming point out that Muse is focused on cultivating traits such as self-control, persistence and emotional regulation in children.

3. Vroom 
The Vroom app and program gives parents daily tips and tasks that help in developing their toddlers brain. Daily Vroom provides tips that can be used throughout the day. The parent or caregiver simply taps on the activity they are doing at the time, for example ‘getting dressed’ and the app will provide tips designed for that task.

Above: See the Vroom App in action.

By Khumo Theko

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Image credits: Jelleke Vanooteghem AND LENA  AND WIRED  AND FUZZCO
Video credits: Vroom

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