Technology unlocks new way of life

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18 June 2020

This article was previously published in Sunday Independent

Written by: Lesego Makgatho

TECHNOLOGY has kept people connected, working and informed as the globe fights the spread of Covid-19. Online video meeting platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts have replaced boardrooms and classrooms during the lockdown, while virtual pub quizzes and livestreamed religious services have been nourishing the soul.

Flux Trends founder Dion Chang said the Covid-19 pandemic has fasttracked a lot of technologies that were readily available but sitting on the sidelines, and that people have had no option but to learn.

“We need to first get onto the platforms and learn how to do things, and then learn the etiquette of engaging in online meetings. People are still struggling to get used to and understand this.

“The pandemic is forcing us to look at contact-less ways of doing things. When you check-in for a flight, the machine will now check your temperature. All of the automation and robotics is coming into its own and is being fast-tracked because of this pandemic,” said Chang.

On how to embrace technology more, he said there are no limitations.

“There’s no other option. We are forced to embrace technology. And once these habits become embedded, you are not going to go back.

“If you’ve never bought anything online and are doing it now, chances are, you’ll continue doing it post the lockdown and pandemic.”

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