The Flux Trends Future of Finance Laboratory: Preparing for Disruption

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29 May 2017

Book the Flux Trends Future of Finance Laboratory: Preparing for Disruption by Bronwyn Williams

The global financial industry is overdue for disruption. 

In 2016 alone, over 17 billion US dollars was invested in fintech start ups. Each and every one of those start ups intends to disrupt – that is, erode the profitability of – one or more aspects of the financial industry’s business model.

At this point, the financial industry has two choices: one, invest in its own disruption and two, sit back and watch while the industry fragments and its profit margins decline.

So what should financial businesses do now to ensure their own survival?

And, what opportunities will arise from the disruption of one of the most powerful industries on the planet?

These are just a couple of the questions explored in the latest Flux Trends Laboratory, focused on the Fragmented Future of Finance.

This Trend Laboratory is designed to assist entrepreneurs, business leaders, and marketers in the financial, banking, and insurance industry to fast-track innovation and strategic sustainability – within their own businesses and target markets.

Over the course of the Laboratory, Flux Trends will recap the key trends impacting on the future of finance, and dive deeper into even more practical ways to approach building a sustainable business in the finance industry, including:

  • How to assess your weak spots and defend your business from external disruption
  • How to disrupt your own business – before someone else does it for you
  • How to tell the difference between spinnovation and real innovation
  • What Millennial and Gen Z consumers really need and want from financial service providers – and how to give it to them

To book The Flux Trends Future of Finance Laboratory: Preparing for Disruption for your business, email for more information

“Very informative with regards to the finance sector in general. It gave good insight…”

Please note: Seats are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees per Lab.

What is a Trend Laboratory?

Created due to popular demand, Flux Trend Laboratories are an intensive, interactive half-day trend master classes, designed to help businesses convert the trends researched by Flux Trends into actionable business strategy.

Laboratory sessions are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

 The Future of Finance Laboratory is facilitated by Bronwyn Williams, Flux Trend’s financial and economic trends specialist.

The Structure of the Flux Trends Future of Finance Laboratory: Preparing for Disruption

The Laboratory is divided into three sections, to enable attendees to: discover the macro and micro trends affecting their industry; understand the threats and opportunities those trends pose to their individual business; and think about strategic changes, inspired by leading industry innovators.

08h30 to 09h00: Arrival and registration

09h00 to 09h15: Welcome and introduction to the objectives of the Laboratory


09h15 to 10h30: The key drivers of financial industry disruption

In this section, we cover the macro, economic, consumer, and technological trends every financial industry player should have on their radar and explain why these trends are important for South African businesses. Attendees will learn how to identify which mega trends are in their blind spots, what they not considering, and what they should be anticipating.

Exercise: Hold your own funeral – How will you customers ‘survive’ if your industry didn’t exist? Do your customers really need you?

10h30 to 10h45: Comfort break


10H45 TO 11H30: Your new competitors

In this section, we look at the new (and surprising) competitors to the banking industry. We look at why these competitors have materialised, what they offer, and what revenue streams they are targeting. We also explain why there will be no single “Uber” moment for the financial industry.

Exercise: Meet the competition: Who are your competitors? Who is eroding your market share? And what is the one key aspect of your business you are willing to defend at all costs?


11h30 to 13h00: Think like a start up

In this section, we explore where venture capital money is flowing and analyse what the most successful new fintech and insuretech industry players are doing right – and what South African businesses can learn from them. We unpack case studies and explore the difference between “spinnovation” and innovation.

Attendees, together with the facilitator, will workshop a list of possible value driven innovations to implement in their own businesses and industries.

Exercise: Disrupt your own business. What true innovations will give your business a sustainable competitive advantage? What are the quick wins? What are the long-term plays?

13h00: Session ends.

Seats are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 attendees per Lab.

“I actually can’t wait to come to the next one. I got a completely different view of the industry. I was absolutely blown away. I found the case studies super helpful. I’m leaving so inspired…”

If you would like to get more information on up-coming Labs, or to inquire about a private Masterclass with Bronwyn for your business, send an email to or contact her on +27764539405.

-Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

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