The Future of Activism

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29 April 2021

By Bronwyn Williams

As the “un-separation” of brand, church and state continues; and the lines between business, ethics,
and the law become more blurred, communications professionals find themselves walking a tightrope
over the ever-changing zeitgeist.

In a world where “cancel culture” can destroy a brand or a reputation virtually overnight, and mass
movements, such as #metoo and #BLM are changing the very nature of participatory democracy, it is
essential that PR and marketing professionals stay ahead of emerging trends and tribes.

In this presentation, Flux Trends looks at young and influential activist leaders, emerging issues, and new methods of organised protest to help leaders and communicators ensure their messages and methods resonate with the communities they engage with. You will learn about:

New activism methods – how the nature of protest and activism is shifting and taking advantage of new technologies and shifting political dynamics, including:

  • Metaverse activism – how protestors are taking their causes into the world of gaming and digital
  • Privacy couture – how activists are using technology to preserve their privacy and hide their
  • Bait ‘n switch social media – how activists avoid censorship by hiding their messages in plain site
  • Emoji codes – how protestors in totalitarian regimes stay in contact with each other
  • Troll farms and bot armies – how propaganda for hire is driving social networks apart

New activists tribes – a look at rising community leaders, influencers and groups who are encouraging social and political change, including:

  • The “K-pop” stans who take on big business
  • Energy influencers who are promoting a high-tech nuclear future
  • VTuber activists who hide their real identity behind a popular persona
  • Investor activists – from ESG to climate hedges, how investors are forcing change (for financial
  • Corporate denial of service attacks – how businesses are avoiding an ethical “tragedy of the
    commons” by going after their own
  • Activist employees – why tech workers are biting the hand that feeds
  • Consumer cancel culture – how vigilante consumers are taking on businesses that violate the
    social contract

New activism issues – the signals and signposts that point to the next wave of hot-button issues, including:

  • Doughnut economics, climate lockdowns, climate migrants, and anti-pet protests – why all
    conversations point to social and environmental sustainability.
  • The K-shaped recovery, national populists, guillotines, having fun staying poor, and eating the
    rich – why inequality is the issue of the future.
  • Rage against the machine, the new luddites, sugar cubes, and rights for robots – why it’s time we
    reckon with the future of AI.
  • Freedom vs free stuff – why the rising tensions between privacy, freedom, democracy, big tech,
    and social welfare are coming to a head.
  • The fragmentation of intersectional identity politics – why conflicting interests are inevitable.

And much more. If you want to understand the future of activism, this presentation will give you the
insights you need in order to stay ahead of the wisdom (and the madness) of crowds.

Presented by Bronwyn Williams

Aren’t you curious to see the vast opportunities in the metaverse?

– Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

If you are interested in booking this virtual trend briefing for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405.

Image credit: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

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