The Future of Governance

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9 February 2022

Self Sovereignty vs the State of Nature

The future of capitalism, democracy and civic engagement are inextricably intertwined.

In this talk, we unpack the concept of self sovereignty and the importance of individual agency, engagement and responsibility for the future. Furthermore, the talk will elaborate on some of the key technological developments, individuals and organisations that businesses and individuals can take advantage of to increase their independence in our increasingly digitised world.

Listeners will learn about:

  • Digital citizenship, the evolution of the nation-state and the future of democracy.
  • Surveillance capitalism, surveillance states and the self-sovereign individual.
  • Why the right to privacy is a right worth fighting for – on the trade offs between perfect information and personal liberties.
  • The impact of global migration flows and the increasing global refugee crisis on nation states and citizenship.
  • The potential (and pitfalls) of using blockchain-technology for self-sovereign, decentralised, and similar “black box” identities.
  • Contrasting global case studies around digital identity and civic participation: We contrast E-Estonia to both the Chinese and Indian social credit score systems, and the emerging digital identity databases and blockchain-based voting systems in the UK, Europe and the USA.
  • Private money vs central banks, tax men and negative interest rates – how crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, fit into the future of capitalism and democracy.
  • Case studies in self-sovereignty from the world of crypto currencies and decentralised autonomous organisations, including Bitnation Pangea, BitClave and Monero.
  • Free trade and open borders? – Is this where the world is headed? And if not, why not?
  • Looking to the future – unpacking decentralised and centralised (globalisation vs balkanisation, authoritarianism vs individual agency) future state scenarios to explore opportunities and mitigate threats.
  • Looking even further into the future – exploring “no money beyond Mars” and other radical new future society models.
  • The importance of individual citizen and consumer action in determining which civic future scenarios come to pass.

By the end of the session listeners will be equipped to make informed choices about the future nation (or borderless) states they want to live, work and trade in, and, more importantly, understand what they can do today to bring their preferred futures into reality.

Presented by Bronwyn Williams

– Trends as Business Strategy – 

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

Image credit: Aditya Joshi

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