The Future of Marketing and Communications: The New Rules of Engagement

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14 May 2019

Presented by Bronwyn Williams

How to make real connections in the times of fake news, jaded consumers and robot trolls

This talk is designed to help leaders, marketers, advertisers, PR, communications, media and sales professionals understand the future of connection with human (and not so human customers). If your business involves developing lasting relationships with individuals – or persuading anyone to purchase a product or buy into an idea – you need to understand these trends:

  • Unconscious Consumerism: What happens to brands when consumers outsource their purchase decisions to bots.
  • Morality Marketing: The blurring of the lines between brands, church and state (and the potential and perils thereof).
  • Musical Chairs: The new branding and communications value chain.
  • Russian Roulette, marketing style: The dangers of jumping on the brand wagon without fully understanding the consumer zeitgeist.
  • Generations A to Z: How to find and connect with current consumer tribes across the generational and technological divide.
  • Peak social media (as we know it) – and what comes next.
  • From GDPR and POPI to Clean Tech: How to balance personal privacy with the real benefits of big data.
  • Social Cooling: Why self-censorship threatens individual and organisational innovation and communication.

And much more…

If you and your company want to understand how to connect with the current and future consumer, you need to attend this presentation.

This Flux Trends’  briefing is designed to give you a high level understanding of the technological, economic and socio-cultural trends set to impact on business to consumer relationships, and to explain the “new rules of engagement” required to re-win hearts, minds and loyalty in our effervescent, digitised, on-demand world.

Aren’t you curious to discover what the new rules of engagement are?
– Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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