The Great Property Staggering

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11 July 2022

“This is a spot-on presentation for the entire property industry at this point in time. Not to mention the Planning & Development units of every major (and majorish) municipality.” – Carola Koblitz, Media & Communications, Western Cape Property Development Forum (WCPDF)

The property sector has been hard-hit by the pandemic – commercial and retail in particular. Industrial space however has been in high demand to support the boom in ecommerce.

People have begun to re-examine their priorities in life leading to trends such as resignation and semigration. Many have grown accustomed to working remotely and are not ready to relinquish this. Meanwhile, companies are trying to lure workers back to the office and as a result offices are being re-imagined.

Value in the property sector is beginning to shift away from renting out space, towards asset owners meeting the needs of their tenants.Traditional ‘landlordism’ is dying and the power is shifting over to tenants.

The first part of the presentation explains the game changing trends that were spawned during the pandemic and the global trends affecting real estate. The pandemic has accelerated many trends from before COVID-19 such as the shift to ecommerce. 

The second part of the presentation looks at what’s happening in the real estate sector in South Africa and the role of the public sector. South Africa has seen an exodus towards Cape Town which is seen as the better governed city, and to other coastal locales. The public sector has an important role to play including implementing climate change initiatives and ensuring an equitable sector.

In particular, this trend briefing looks at the important trends that are impacting the real estate sector including:

  • The contactless economy has given rise to social selling and livestream ecommerce
  • Offices and retail spaces are being repurposed as educational facilities
  • Green spaces contribute to the wellbeing of citizens but these are not equally accessible 
  • There has been an upsurge in co-living and communal living as more people are looking to occupy shared spaces for living, working and playing
  • Climate proofing housing is becoming more important as the impacts of climate change become more extreme
  • Zero-emission zones are being created in cities around the world to curb harmful emissions

This trend briefing is for all those who have a role to play in the property sector and adjacent sectors.  

Presented by Dion Chang

Aren’t you interested in exploring the shifts within the property sector?

– Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

If you are interested in booking this virtual trend briefing for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405.

Image credit: Tim Johnson

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