The Great Staggering: Why Innovation Matters, right now

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23 June 2021

Presented by Dion Chang

“The Great Staggering” is a term coined by Flux Trends to describe the period of the global lockdown from March 2020, to whenever the “better normal” is going to be fully in place.

While many have viewed the lockdown period as “life in limbo”, forward thinking companies have seized this window of opportunity to rethink, reframe and reengineer their businesses, knowing that a post-pandemic landscape is going to be very different from the world we left in 2019.

While the world was dealing with the devastating effects of COVID-19, trends that were bubbling under the radar before the pandemic hit, have now reached a tipping point and are causing unexpected (and additional) disruptions across all industries.

This trend briefing takes a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, we examine what has changed during The Great Staggering: from the rise of a contactless economy to the very real impact of the existential crises most people experienced as a result of prolonged lockdowns, and the tragic loss of life. 

These changes affect all businesses internally as well as externally.

The second part of the presentation looks at the challenges that all businesses will have to face as we emerge from The Great Staggering. It is not only the logistical complexities of moving a hybrid workforce back into the office, but also acknowledging the changed priorities of that workforce to ensure a new company culture can emerge. Ignoring these seismic shifts will be detrimental for any business leader.

The trend briefing ends with practical solutions on how to create an enabling environment for innovation to flourish and so that a “better normal” can be implemented.

Re-imagining your business model has never been more important, or urgent.

Who is this trend briefing designed for?

  • Business owners and business leaders who understand that the pandemic has fundamentally changed everything and that simply trying to continue where we left off in 2019 will be detrimental to the business.
  • Companies that have been forced to find new ways to rebuild a decimated business landscape or are trying to adapt to the changes that took place during lockdown.
  • Businesses that were looking for innovative ways to pivot their existing business model before the pandemic, and now realise that this is a rare window of opportunity to do so.
  • Companies that are facing the monumental task of adapting to a post-pandemic workplace, where everything has changed, and the need of a new rulebook is urgent.

Presented by Dion Chang

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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