The Importance of the Female Millennial

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30 August 2011

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The Importance of Female Millennials.

As women’s month draws to a close, the importance of female millennials is a worthwhile factor to consider. Currently female millennials have access to more opportunities than any other group of women in history. Not only do they make up a large percentage of the next generation workforce, they share a radically different mindset to that of their predecessors.

Why it’s important?

Female millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Armed with a sense of entitlement and their innate tendency for empathy, female leaders and the female workforce understand the position they have in society. Although they have been handed a set of socio-economic circumstances that are on the decline, they remain optimistic about the future they have. Their optimism is not wishful thinking, rather a true reflection of the opportunities available to them.

Flux Trends’ latest presentation, So you want to hire a millennial?, gives insight into the expediency of change in the workplace and the implications that has on employers.  This batch of freshly-graduated millennials have a radically different expectation and perspective to the workplace than that of the our current baby-boomers and Generation Xs. Of this new workforce, female millennials take the foreground. To prepare your business and to understand those that will, inevitably, take up new leadership roles, pay close attention to female millennials and what makes them tick.

One of the most distinct qualities of female millennials is that they make their major life choices according to a different ideology. Women in previous generations hoped to “have it all” –  achieving a measure of success in every area of their lives. Female millennials prefer to “try it all” and to gain as much experience as they can and then decide in which direction they should go.

94% of millennial women agree that the best mentors are people whom they can both give advice to and receive advice from. This is markedly different from past generations and breaks from the age-old “wise mentor counselling young protégé”. In a complex, high-tech, globally connected world, this has become a wise strategy by the young millennials.

What’s the butterfly effect?

A resent survey found that 85% of female millennials plan on remaining in the workforce after having their children. If there is an increase of females returning to the workforce, it is inevitable that over the next few years the empathetic impact women have, intrinsically, will only grow stronger around the globe. The knock-off effects of this will be seen in ever facet of society; stretching from key positions of government to that of commerce.

Around the globe the female century is already being catered for. It would seem that many countries have anticipated the profound role women hold and are focusing their efforts to accommodate their uniquely female needs. Female-specific services range from women-only taxis in Mexico to female-only subway carriages in Japan. Be on the look out for this rising trend.

The pioneers and global hotspots

Female millennials have a large number of role models to take their cue from. Iceland’s first female Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is an icon. Not only was she appointed to run one of the most successful economies based on her competency, she is openly gay and does not shy the decisions she has made away from the public eye. Other female millennials that are noteworthy:

  • Christine Lagarde, french lawyer and now director of the IMF for a five-year term.
  • Yingluck Shinawatra, elected as the first female Prime Minister.

The UN has established their a “female millennial” peace-keeping force, known as the Pink Berets.

Saudi women generated world-wide publicity for their silent protest against one of the severe restrictions they have, not being able to drive. They took to the streets and even uploaded videos of themselves driving onto YouTube. We will continue to see women tackle issues and act on their values as the female century emerge.

Flux Trends’ So you want to hire a millennial? report will be launched later next month.

By: Wendy Jane Chong

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Wendy-Jane Herbert is an intern at Flux Trends and is completing her Media studies at WITS.
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