The Lockdown Life Audit Private Salon

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19 September 2022

When it comes to ideas around behavioural change, surgeon Maxwell Maltz applied the principles acquired in his line of work to change his habits. He realised that 21 days was sufficient time to create an awareness to shift behavioural patterns.

The lockdown period has spanned 24 months and has had a similar effect. Some habits have evolved so much that they form an integral part of how the post-pandemic workforce lives and works. This coupled with the tragic loss of life and/or income has created an existential crisis within the workplace that cannot be ignored or wished away.

Immediate trends from this crisis are semigration, revenge travel, the great resignation and the anti-work movement.

But these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

A workforce revolution is upon us. Leadership principles from 2019 are not going to cut it. 

Our private salon offering brings the open salons to your personal space, in order for you and your team to unpack and reimagine the trends that will transforms your workplace.

Book this salon and get a FREE copy of the Lockdown Life Audit Report.

Our Flux Trends Salon unpacks and interrogates the insights from the trend briefing – The lockdown life audit and how it is shaping the workforce of the future

This salon will focus on blindspots many companies have, including:

  • Underestimating the ripple effect of this Life Audit and how it has changed the priorities of the workforce.
  • Reengineering rewards & benefits to create a mutually beneficial post-pandemic company culture.
  • Switching from a location-centric mindset to a human-centric mindset.
  • The danger of a “two-speed organisation” and nurturing a sense of belonging.
  • The very different skill sets managers now have to master.
  • Lessons we can learn from the new Gen Z workforce.

And so much more.

Who should book this salon?

This trend briefing is for all business leaders (CEOs to COOs), senior managers, administrators and all HR practitioners who have had to adapt to a post-pandemic world of work.

This salon will highlight opportunities presented by the continuous changes and shifts in the world of work. 

It will be a 2-hour long brain food session
presented by Dion Chang and facilitated by Tumelo Mojapelo.

Our salons are created to cater to a maximum of  20 participants.

If you are interested in booking this salon or the Lockdown Life Audit trend briefing for your team or clients, contact Cloud at or Bethea at +27764539405.

Book this salon and get a FREE copy of the Lockdown Life Audit Report.

-Looking at Trends as Business Strategy-

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