The Museum of the Future in Flux

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27 February 2024

Taking a glimpse into the things of the future.

At Flux Trends, we are known for our work with trends and trends analysis. Trends look at what is happening now, and trend analysis looks at what it means for you, your work, and your world. However, even the best trend analysis is inherently backwards-looking, making sense of what IS. Where the answers to the question of what this means seem insufficient to address the question of what could be, we need to move from what IS, away from the probable trend line, towards the possible. To explore this, we added foresight to our strategic arsenal. Foresight explores what hasn’t transpired, what could be. It answers the question: “What if?” 

As a part of this journey from the present into the future over the past three years, we have transitioned into a space of futures creation. 

To that end, we have created and conducted a collection of interactive workshops that strive to answer what if? questions using our strategic foresight tools.

One variant of these workshops is our popular Worldweaving™ Workshop which encourages participants to create Things from Future Worlds to inspire action in the present.

The Museum of the Future in Flux is the new home of the resulting imagined Things and Worlds emerging from our workshop participants. Powered by Flux Trends, The Museum of the Future in Flux,  is the result of what happens when individuals and organisations come together, equipped with foresight tools to imagine better futures, better products or services – from the future – to improve lives and outcomes today.

This museum is a growing collection of the things of the future world from our world-building workshops. We hope you enjoy the journey we hope will bring the future closer to you – through the artefacts and services of the future. 

We also hope these exhibitions will encourage you and your company to join us in futures creation so we can see the tapestry of collective futures created when we take the time to gather, imagine and build the future.

Continue scrolling to see what happens when people come together to imagine and build the future. 

Learn and Unlearn

Learn and Unlearn is a meditation board game that teaches people to lead by listening rather than speaking.

Happy Me

Emotional well-being with our digital pill box.

GateWAY to Heaven Afterlife Package

A digital digital service that offers 24/7 365 access to the consciousness of a deceased loved one.

The Water Bank 

The water bank is a place that exemplifies future value.

The Water Pendant

A water pendant is a symbolic object sent to reward the present generation. It signifies a future world that is fair, sustainable and inclusive.

VIP – Virtual Insecurity Policy

This is an EU virtual identity policy that insists on people having a verifiable virtual identity and encourages users to comply with the terms and conditions of this policy.

“Skins” Skin Suit

“Skins” is a digital skin suit that changes its appearance to meet the needs of the wearer. It can create optical illusions and even blend into the background of their choice.

The Flux Times

Take a look at what a newspaper published 5 years from now could look like. Readers are encouraged to ponder what these headlines would mean for their everyday lives.

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