The New Rules of Retail

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25 August 2017

Presented by Dion Chang

The retail industry is under threat. Big name, long-established stores are closing shop.

Although South Africa is building malls at a record pace, the retail apocalypse has begun and the casualty count is mounting.

However, with a radical shift in thinking away from the old way of doing retail, new possibilities are emerging.

Destruction needs disruption which will, ultimately, lead to resurrection.

It’s an exciting opportunity for dynamic change, and Flux Trends is tracking the new rules of retail.

In this presentation we’ll explore pointers and directions for the retail road ahead, which will include:

  • Altered and enhanced consumer experiences. “Experiential” does not necessarily mean entertainment. We’ll explore the nuanced layers.
  • The impact of the on-demand economy: extending a stores’ function as well as uplifting service levels.
  • The changed consumer mind set and how that, in turn, has altered communication channels and platforms.
  • A spotlight on the food retail category, why it’s emerging as a significant growth area and which companies are leading the way and how they’re doing it.
  • The New Shopping Tribes: who’s shopping online, offline and somewhere in between.
  • The rise of the Township Economy and the technologies that are democratising that supply chain.

This trend presentation is a must for retailers, property managers, letting agents, mall managers, marketers, advertisers, restaurateurs, construction companies – in fact the entire retail-wholesale supply chain.

The presentation will keep you abreast of the options, solutions, concepts, and paradigm shifts which are redefining retail.

Want to be equipped with the information you need to help your business see the light at the end of the dark mall corridor?

Be aware, be informed, and be prepared. Book now for our Retail Open Session.

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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