The Post-Pandemic Workplace

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30 August 2021

The challenges of decoupling “work” and “place of work”

The biggest ah-ha moment of 2020 was the separation of “work” and “place of work”. 

It kick-started a flurry of new business trends, which are destined to forever change the workplace environment. There is (quite literally) no going back.

For employees, WFH (work from home) was an eye-opener, sparking an existential crisis in many people’s lives. Workforces around the world got a taste of the flexibility they had been yearning for all along. Unshackled from tedious commutes and the outdated concept of a 9 to 5, forty-hour workweek, they proved to their employers that helicopter management was unnecessary.

For employers, it was a steep learning curve. Managers were pushed into uncharted waters dealing with a remote workforce, while CEOs grappled with retaining a cohesive company culture in cyberspace, not to mention the nagging question of pointless office overheads.

There are pros and cons on both sides, but the shift is irreversible – the trajectory of new workplace trends is already visible. Personal life audits have manifested in trends like Semigration, The Great Resignation and new priorities about rewards and benefits.

The long touted “future of work” has been brought forward. It must be dealt with now, before the world eventually recalibrates, when the pandemic subsides.

This trend briefing covers the following areas which all require attention in order to reframe and reinvent the future of work and the workplace:

  • Managing and coordinating a staggered or hybrid workforce
  • Re-thinking office design and employer UX
  • Office real estate: what happens when “work” is permanently decoupled from “place of work”?
  • Creating a new company culture: humanising your business and managing with empathy 
  • Rewards and benefits: the pandemic changed the priorities of a workforce 
  • Navigating contentious issues: vaccine mandates and health and safety protocols
  • The new C-suite positions your company should be taking onboard 

This trend briefing is specifically designed for all business leaders (CEOs to COOs), senior managers, administrators and HR practitioners who are planning for a post-pandemic world of work.

Presented by Dion Chang

– Trends as Business Strategy – 

If you are interested in booking this virtual trend briefing for your management team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405.

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