Transient Ownership: what happens when experience trumps ownership?

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1 January 2013


The 20th century was focused on ownership. In economic terms, ownership and rampant consumerism has not brought us to a very happy place. In the 21st century, thanks to technology, it is no longer necessary to own something in order to experience it.
In an emerging new world order, the emphasis is gradually shifting towards a quest for meaningful experiences (and therefore a bank of good memories) rather than just amassing material possessions. This is the fundamental driver of this trend.

The impact of the global financial crisis of 2008/2009 continues to have a domino effect –  on business as well as social dynamics – in the most unexpected ways. One of the main changes has been on our consumption habits: what we consume and how we consume. From pop-up shops to bike sharing, a new mood of transient ownership is being felt around the world. Part ownership, subscription based services, or simply sharing amongst your curated networks has been embraced surprisingly quickly.

The music industry bore the brunt of these technologically driven changes, which has lead to a radical overhaul of business models and revenue streams. As this trend gains ground, how will this affect retail and businesses in the long term.

This presentation explores:

  • How the global economic downturn dovetails perfectly with eco concerns, giving rise to this trend
  • The impact on businesses when people buy less and share more, and which industries are most at risk.
  • How this trend will also eventually impact on employers when future, transient, work swarms replace the 9 to 5 workforce.
  • When renting goes extreme: the business opportunities in a transient world.
  • Modern Nomads: what happens when transient ownership becomes a lifestyle choice?

This presentation is a must for retailers, business owners, as well as marketing and strategy departments. The trend may just be in an embryonic phase, but the concept is spreading – fast, and globally. Transient ownership may not be affecting your bottom line now, but it will in the near future. Best you be prepared.

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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