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2 April 2016


Hygiene on Subscription

The subscribe and save business model continues to grow. Here are more examples specifically in the hygiene sector:

LOLA is a direct to consumer tampon subscription company.  It hopes to be the “modern approach to feminine care” by sending discreet and tastefully packaged tampons on a monthly basis. Not only does it take away the hassle of restocking, the minimalist design sans product description means that it can be displayed in plain sight. The sleek design also serve as a stark contrast to typically garish packaging. Being 100% cotton and additives free (as opposed to bleached rayon) is also a main selling point.

As customer claims,

“It gives me such peace of mind to know that I will never have a tampon emergency, because LOLA is always one step ahead of me and my calendar, and that I am putting only natural products in my body. ”

“Thank you for tastefully bringing a convenience to my life”

Ironically the number one criticism of the product is also that since it is 100% cotton, it is not as effective as other brands. Being able to achieve an au natural ingredient whilst remaining effective has been a challenging route for brands with an all natural focus, such as the sunscreen fiasco with the Honest Company.

Nevertheless, most reviews of LOLA are positive and optimistic. Female consumers appreciate companies like LOLA addressing issues that have been taboo and neglected in the past. The service speaks well to the trend of female empowerment.

Le Parcel doesn’t have its own brand of feminine hygiene products but it solves the same problem as LOLA in that it takes the stress out of female consumers preparing for their monthly menstrual cycle. Not only does it deliver sanitary pads and tampons of your preferred brand, the package comes with a curated selection of chocolate, cosmetics and jewellery – little treats that will brighten the day.


Founder of Quip, Simon Enever, discovered from working with the dental industry that a lot of new dental inventions are mere gimmicks. What ultimately works is frequent and longer brushing time and flossing. So he boiled the concept down to Quip – a subscription service that sends toothbrushes and toothpastes every 3 months (per recommendation by the FDA).

The toothbrush set (manual or electric), comes with battery (if needed), 3 months supply of toothpaste and travel sized toothpaste.

The sleek looking toothbrushes also sell without the subscription service, however, they have found that 98% of customers ultimately convert to the subscription service.


By: Carol Lin

Image credit: Pixabay and Mimigstyle and Dieline and Electric Teeth

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