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28 July 2017

In an era where conspicuous consumption is dwindling and experience-driven retail is becoming the standard expected from customers in the retail space, it makes sense that various brands (especially fashion) are leveraging the dining experience to attract customers into their stores.

Below are a few stores which have launched cafes or have formed partnerships with coffee brands to ensure that they do not lose any foot traffic in these economic times.

Kit and Ace Clothing’s in store coffee shop

The Kit and Ace clothing and luxury lifestyle brands Toronto store has formed a partnership with Sorry Coffee Co. Kit and Ace is a global brand with up to 60 stores worldwide, has collaborated with local brands and artists to not only bring customers in to purchase their goods, but to focus on highlighting elements that are unique to the local community. This is the second store to form a partnership with a coffee company, the other being their London-based store. Click here for more information.

Moleskine Cafe 

After trying their hand at a pilot cafe in Geneva Airport, Moleskine decided to officially open their own stand-alone cafe in Milan, Italy. The store was designed after the simple, yet functional sophistication of their stationary goods. The cafe was created to give the Moleskine clients a physical space to experience their brand and to elevate the brand as the ultimate “lifestyle brand of the creative class.” Moleskine has formed a partnership with Italian roaster, Sevengrams, to offer the highest quality coffee and goods. Moleskine plans to plant more cafes in other locations around the world.

FEED Project Cafe and Shop

FEED Project, the online company created with the sole purpose of creating and selling products that help feed the world, has embarked on opening their own bricks and mortar store in Duma, Brooklyn. FEED, founded by Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson, has served 95 million meals funded by collected donations and provide 3.7 million children with Vitamin A supplements through WFP (World Feeding Program) and the US Fund for UNICEF. The founders hope that the store will give their customers a unique in-store experience and a sense of being part of the FEED community, thus allowing the customers to actively participate in the mission of FEED in a physical space. FEED Project has partnered with La Colombe coffee company as their coffee supplier for the cafe.

By Tumelo Mojapelo

Image credit: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash AND Appear Here AND Daily Coffee News AND Fast Company 

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