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28 July 2017

Automation in the retail space has seen consumers gain access to 24-hour self-service; a concept which is gaining traction in China and Japan. Bing Box plans to open 200 cashier-less stores in China by the end of August.

Below are examples of stores providing similar services:

Tao Café

Chinese beverage company Wahaha has plans to open 100 000 cashier-less convenience stores within the next three years. Alibaba launched its self-service Tao café this year. The store offers beverages, fast food, and snacks. Customers enter the store via the Alibaba Taobao e-commerce app

Walmart’s 24 Hour Pickup

Walmart is currently testing its automated pick-up kiosk in Oklahoma. Titled 24 hour Pickup, customers select the self-service option when placing an order online. Once a confirmation code has been received, customers are able to enter the kiosk where orders are ready within 60 seconds.

Nescafe Taproom

Nescafe coffee launched a pop-up café which mocks the modern coffee experience. The store has no menus or baristas and customers make their own coffee. This is the company’s way of promoting the new sweet and cream coffee blend.

Supermarket in Viken

Naraffar (meaning shop nearby), a supermarket in Sweden, offers a 24-hour service where customers scan products using their smart phone. At the end of the month the app records all the products and invoices the customers.

By Khumo Theko

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