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2 February 2017

#trendconfirmation – Pivot companies – swiveling into new industries

Amazon continues to expand its levels of success through its innovative approach of pivoting into various industries; which sees it as one of the lead players within its industry. What started as an online book store in 1994, has since adapted with technological advancements that have disrupted industries with the aim of enhancing customers shopping experiences. Amazon has made grand strides in blending various features to its services that provide faster delivery, on demand entertainment and payment processes.

Amazon Channels

Launched in 2015, Amazon channel gives their Prime customers access to various movies channels, TV shows and streaming services. With channels such as HBO, Cinemax and 100 more to choose from, the Prime viewer is spoilt for choice. Last month Amazon expanded its streaming service with the launch of its Anime streaming option. With an additional fee, Prime customers have access to a 100 anime shows.

Amazon Logistics
Amazon is exploring better ways of increasing its delivery systems and methods with the company’s first successful drone delivery in December 2016.

Amazon has since been awarded a patent which sheds light on the company’s ‘airborne fulfillment center’ as an airship. The company plans to create a flying warehouse which will be stocked with various products and hover over designated areas. Products will be delivered within minutes by the use of drones which will also be carried in the airship.
The company has also been granted a patent for a highway network which controls self -driving cars and trucks. This system will assist self- driving cars navigate reversible lanes and lanes that go in both ways. This highlights Amazon’s continuous pursuit at creating its own logistics network to control its delivering process.

Amazon Food stores

The company plans to open brick grocery stores over the next two years. Amazon will operate a 20 location pilot programme for its future stores by 2018. Their no-cashier, convenient store recently opened in Seattle called Amazon Go.

By: Khumo Theko

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