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30 June 2017

In a hyper-connected world it’s mandatory to expect another shift in how consumers communicate and purchase goods. Voice activated shopping sees the expansion on the concept of e-commerce, making it much easier and, now, hands-free to make purchases.

ComScore predicts that 50% of all searches will be spoken instead of typed by 2020. As virtual personal assistances (VPA’s) continue to gain consumer attraction as seen with 8 million US consumers owning one, companies are escalating on the devices abilities.

Okay Google order …

Early in 2017 Google announced that Google Home consumers could now purchase goods via their devices. Items are ordered and delivered via Google Express which is currently in partnership with selected stores in the US.

Shop via Echo

Last year Amazon added another skill to Alexa’s 5000 abilities. Echo customers can purchase items via the device. The company has since taken it a step further by adding Alexa onto the Amazon app on iOS and Huawei Mate 9 phones. US customers who don’t have an Echo still have access to the voice command shopping experience. Ford Motor Company’s Sync3 infotainment system has enabled an in- car Alexa application. Amazon is leading the way in enabling shopping anywhere and everywhere with voice command.

Virtual Shopping Assistance

Retale has introduced a shopping information assistant for Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Retale Go is a voice-activated chatbot companion. Customers can gain access to information on local stores such as working hours, location, and stores’ deals just by asking their device. The network reaches 320 000 local retailers within the US.

By: Khumo Theko
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Image credits: Digital Storms AND Business Insider AND Digital Trends AND Coupons in the News
Video Credits: Google AND Amazon

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