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18 May 2023

A new (old) price for the Gen Z Immersion Experience

If you have been following our newsletter, you will notice that we have been mentioning the young and inspiring individuals participating in our upcoming Gen Z Immersion Experience

We created this tour to give you a glimpse into South Africa’s Gen Zs and to answer some of the pressing questions that have come up at our salons and open sessions about this generation. We want to prepare you to be ready for the impact this generation will and is already having on your business, this country and the world. 

When we launched the Gen Z Immersion Experience, we received enthusiastic feedback about how excited you were that we were doing this kind of experience and how you would love to attend it but couldn’t because of the cost. We have heard your feedback and decided to offer the early bird special as the final price for this experience. 

Now you can all join us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Use this opportunity to know who Gen Z is, why they are unique and the positive results that can come from joining forces with them! 

Attending this tour will not only have an impact on you as an entrepreneur, employee or business owner but will help you:

  • Meet the multi-layered challenges your business faces on a day-to-day basis
  • Be prepared to keep up with the velocity of change 
  • Connect with and understand this new eco-conscious, digitally and socially active consumer group and workforce
  • See and learn from the solution-based innovations created by Gen Z entrepreneurs
  • Understand the opportunities that lie within this generation

And much more!

Put a day aside to stop and listen to this generation. Submerge yourself in their world.

It will change your perceptions and possibly your future business strategy.

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