Why should we believe you? When trust goes bust, and becomes a commodity.

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30 September 2013


The erosion of trust is explored in Flux Trends’ latest trend presentation.  We investigate the impact of consumers’ lack of trust in everything and everyone.  Advertising messages, brand promises, sports’ heroes, food, banks and governments; we’ve lost faith in it all.

In the presentation we track the gradual breakdown of consumer trust, which started in 2008 during the global financial crises to the present day. We’re now living a world where doubt has replaced conviction as governments spy on each other and mistrustful suspicion has replaced consumer confidence.
We look at all the areas where trust has gone bust for consumers:  From fallacious food labelling to match fixing, to privacy issues on social media platforms, to secure payments in the fast-growing online retail space.

We pose the question which advertising and marketing industries need to be asking right now:  How  do you sell products and brand promises to consumers whose trust has been abused to the point where they don’t believe a word you say?

In this presentation you will discover:

• Just how broad the atmosphere of distrust has become for consumers.
• What is going to add to this growing distrust, and what are the industry hot spots
where this distrust will flourish.
• The consumer backlash to this breakdown in trust and the ripple effect it will have
for companies or brands that are caught in the crossfire.
• The Trust Barometer: which brands or industries are seen as trustworthy.
• Why mirroring your core customer’s value systems is so essential – it’s not a share of
their wallets you want but a share of their lifestyle.
• How brands can rebuild trust, or use trust as a commodity to ensure their reputations remain trustworthy, and therefore maintain the elusive (and increasingly rare) concept of brand loyalty.

This presentation is a must for anyone in the service industry, advertising and marketing industries and for any brands aiming to maintain their brand reputation in an era of distrust.

Our digital world has ensured that brands have essentially had to cede power to the consumers, and if they are wary, cynical and distrustful, selling them a product or service requires a whole new strategy. This presentation will show you how.

Looking at Trends as a Business Strategy.

If you are interested in booking this presentation for your team or clients please contact Bethea Clayton on or +27764539405

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