The Rise of Femvertising

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8 March 2019

Femvertising is defined as ‘advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages and imagery to empower woman and girls’. The term was coined by women’s lifestyle and digital media company, SheKnowsMedia, in 2004 with Dove’s ‘Real beauty’ campaign. In 2015 SheKnowsMedia launched the first #femvertising awards, which acknowledge brands that are shifting gender norms through breaking down gender stereotypes in their messaging in ad campaigns targeted to women.

More brands are using femvertising with the aim of shedding light on topics that have either been taboo while dispelling social views and limitations that have restricted women in the past.

Libresse: #BloodNormal

2017 saw the global launch of Libresse’s #BloodNormal campaign which aims to dismantle the stigma of menstruation that is at times portrayed in advertising. The ad was the first ad in the UK that showed real menstrual blood versus blue liquid that is usually used.

“We are hoping this positive representation of periods will help women and men all over the world to understand that periods are normal and that showing them more in a positive context will start to break taboos” – Martina Poulopoti – Global brand communication manager

Above: Have a look at the #BloodNormal campaign

Nissan: #Shedrives

Nissan launched the #Shedrives marketing campaign in support of the land mark move which saw Saudi Arabia give women the right to drive. The campaign is said to shed light on the ‘drive for equality and freedom of movement for all’.

Above: Nissan surprises women in Saudi Arabia with driving lessons

PPS: Women acknowledged

Financial service firm, PPS launched a campaign titled,‘Women Acknowledged’. The campaign is targeted at female professionals to provoke dialogue on stereotypes women face within the workplace. The campaign focuses on women in careers that traditionally make up PPS’ membership base, which consists of engineers, academics, accountants, architects, lawyers, medical doctors and dietetics.

“Women acknowledged’ campaign aims to take on labels that disempower women by reframing them in an empowering manner” – Ayanda Seboni – Brand and Communications

Above: PPS Campaign to acknowledge women.

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