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Executive Masterclasses
Why Your Business Needs a Doula Right Now?
Worldbuilding Workshop
F53 Defensive Business “Driving” Workshop
Flux Trends Immersion Tour
Maximise Profits. Beat The Competition.

Forget the time machine. Get ahead of change with expert macro-trend knowledge that tells you what your stakeholders will be thinking, doing, and buying for years to come.

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The Growing She-conomy
Is there a growing distaste for corporate culture?
Rest in privacy
DIY Rejection Therapy
Debt training wheels
AI-Assisted Communication
Know What’s On The Horizon, Before It Arrives.

Get a head start when you leverage global corporate trend analysis made relevant to your local context. Prepare for the future of work today so that you can succeed tomorrow.

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Transform Your Business With Our Talented Team
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Unlock Trend-Driven Growth With Disruptive, Progressive Insights.

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