Tomorrow’s world is presenting itself to us, today

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11 October 2021


The future is an attitude and it’s electric… Join us in a celebration of progress with Audi’s future-forward podcast on 702.

“Future is an attitude” podcast series presented by Audi features inspirational South Africans who think differently about the future and who challenge the status quo by driving progress within the fields of design, digitalisation, performance, and sustainability to help us shape the future.

We’re living through a time of unprecedented change. The rules for success and failure are being rewritten, and there’s never been a better time for innovation and experimentation. In this episode, Azania Mosaka and futurist, Graeme Codrington take a look at the key disruptive forces and consider new attitudes and actions that we all need to adopt in these changing times as well as what people (and businesses) can do to plan and prepare for our future.

Progress has gifted us the incredible life we live today… a life where almost everything that makes our lives what they are, didn’t exist 150 years ago.

We’re at a point in history where everything is poised for change… a unique moment of time and opportunity – an offramp towards a better tomorrow and a point in life where the chance to take another remarkable leap into the future is waiting for innovators and future-forward thinkers like you to grab it.

That future is just 15 years away… Codrington believes that we are going to see more progress than we have seen in the last 150 years.

So, the question is, are you ready to embrace it?

Every now and again in history, you reach a moment where it feels as if all the forces of change, are combining to create, let’s call it an era shift.

Graeme Codrington, Futurist, Unlearner and Global Speaker at TomorrowToday Global

A relentless optimist, Codrington wants people to look to the future with hope and, make the right choices today that will help us progressively impact tomorrow so that our children and grandchildren can live in a better world.

A lot of people would look into the future and be scared, nervous, that we are destroying certain ways of life and that we will end up in some Hollywood dystopian future… There’s always something that can go wrong, there are always big things we’ve got to fix, and I am inherently optimistic that by making choices (because) eventually we make the right choices.

Graeme Codrington, Futurist, Unlearner and Global Speaker at TomorrowToday Global

In the spirit of making choices to build better lives, global tech entrepreneur and innovator, Rapelang Rabana believes that technology is the key to a better tomorrow.

While she steers clear of using the words pessimist and optimist – Rabana thinks of herself as a possibilist… asking questions about what we need to get right to create the future that we want.

As we look to the future and anticipate the accelerated growth of the continent’s middle-class, one of those questions should be around the vast opportunities that exist for the service sector in determining how the innovative use of digital technologies will enable them to get into underserved markets.

Generation Z are the architects of our new world order

Striking this balance is all about using solutions-based innovation to solve real-world problems, says creative thinker and trends analyst, Dion Chang. He believes that Africa is a Gen Z continent and it is this generation that will change the future for the better… even though it’s a future that they cannot predict.

Barely on the cusp of adulthood, Gen Z has already become the architects of our new world order, creating a future for themselves where everything is connected, and where purpose and profit, brand loyalty and ethics and luxury and sustainability are blended.

The cities of the future are going to be filled with Gen Zs and, the intersection of design and data is what will influence that future, says architect and author, Luyanda Mpahlwa. He envisions architecture and design as a distinctly social, integrative dimension that will drive change in the world – one in which sustainability and luxury can exist together.

So, for them and for us, the “future is an attitude” and stale perspectives are its archenemy.

Audi’s vision is to shape the future of premium mobility and to represent the meaning of progress while doing so. But for progress to be meaningful, it has to capture imaginations of the time, and it needs to evolve. It has to be Living Progress. It’s in questioning how things can be better in every way; how they can look better, feel better, perform better, and move us all forward. It starts with a curious mind and an optimistic outlook that says, “imagine if…”. When you view progress like Audi does, you realise that the future is actually an attitude. Living Progress is about pushing the boundaries and shaping the future through action today.

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